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About is an online platform on funerals and funeral-related services in South Africa. Death is inevitable but most of us are not prepared when a loved one passes. Our goal is to assist South Africans with the necessary information to facilitate a dignified funeral by working with reputable funeral insurers and undertakers. We do not directly provide these services.

Funerals can be an elaborate and expensive event. This can add to the stress of the bereaved and even result in financial strain. As a media and marketing channel, we provide information and partner with service providers in the funeral industry. We are not an insurer or a funeral parlour/undertaker.

Any quotation services for funeral insurance is through third party financial service providers. Transactions are therefore between the consumer and insurer and we are unable to intervene or resolve disputes. Complaints should be directed at the insurer in question and disputes should be reported to the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance.

The team tries to ensure the accuracy of information on this website. However, we will not be held responsible for any incorrect or outdated information. We urge consumers to contact a relevant professional in the funeral industry to verify information and for professional advice. We will not be held responsible for the misuse of information on this website.