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The tombstone or headstone unveiling is an important ceremony in many cultures. Many consider it as a continuation from and conclusion of the funeral ceremony. Unfortunately tombstones are often expensive and often the bereaved may have to wait months or years in order to be able to afford to conduct the ceremony. Sometimes it is never done because finances do not permit.

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Cover for Headstones

If tombstone unveiling is a significant part of your cultural practices, then it is important to ensure that your funeral plan has this additional benefit. Cheaper funeral plans may not offer a tombstone unveiling payout. It is also important to speak to the insurer about whether the unveiling benefit includes all members on family funeral cover.

Every person would like to ensure that the cultural obligations are fulfilled in the event of death. Nobody likes to wait for long periods of time to conclude important parts of a ceremony. However, it is a reality that families may have to pool resources together, save for years or even take out personal loans to cover the tombstone unveiling.

Buying the right funeral plan at the outset can help in this regard. However, it will not usually cover the entire cost.

Benefits on Funeral Plan

Although funeral plans focus on the costs of conducting the funeral itself, many plans also offer a small benefit for the tombstone unveiling. The benefit depends on the plan itself and the level of cover that one chooses to purchase.

As cultural practices and personal preferences vary, the benefit may not be significant in terms of the entire cost of the ceremony. However, it is nevertheless a small financial compensation for the tombstone unveiling.

Never be misled into believing that the payout for tombstone unveiling on a funeral plan will be anywhere near the cover for the funeral itself. In fact some funeral insurance providers do not even offer a tombstone unveiling benefit as part of the plan.

It is therefore prudent that the bereaved save towards the payment of a tombstone and all the associated costs of the unveiling ceremony.

Cost of Tombstone Unveiling

Tombstone unveiling ceremonies can be costly affairs. The tombstone itself is quite expensive. Basic headstones may start from R6,000 and more expensive stones can reach up to R50,000 or more.

There are also the rituals and functions before the unveiling and thereafter which adds to the cost. For some cultures, there may be animal slaughtering and festivities afterwards.

The tombstone unveiling benefit on a funeral plan almost never comes close to covering all of these costs. However, it is important to realise that you have purchased funeral cover specifically, and not tombstone unveiling cover.

Most funeral plan providers offer tombstone unveiling benefits to add to the appeal of the product but the core focus of these insurance policies is to cover the cost of the funeral itself.