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Growing older often means that you have to consider certain eventualities that were not as much of a concern when you were younger. Your funeral is one such issue. Ensuring that your final send off is affordable for your loved ones and maintains the dignity that you have upheld all your life is more often a matter of money than good event planning.

Affordable plans for you and your family

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Fortunately a funeral plan can ensure a cash payout to your family at the time of your death. Money that can be used for your funeral. Unlike many other insurance products in South Africa, funeral plans do cover pensioners and the elderly.

Funeral Plan for Over 60s and 65s

Just when exactly you are considered to be a senior is a bit of a grey area these days, especially when it comes to insurance criteria. As you get older, certain insurance products will not accept you.

However, whether you are over 60 or 65 years, a funeral plan is one policy that will still cover you. It does not matter if you are a single pensioner, retired couple or want to be covered as part of the family with your child as the main member.

Signing up later in life is not cheap though. So you need to ensure that you can afford the premiums, especially a a time when you are living off your pension and subsidising your expenses with your nest egg.

The fact is that as you get older, your chance of dying increases. This is unfortunately a cold hard fact. Naturally insurers offering funeral cover products will have to bear this risk and ensure they are not losing money.  People over 60 years do pay a slightly higher monthly premium for a funeral plan.

Retired Couples and Elderly Parents

The basic benefit of a funeral plan from all the different insurers in South Africa remains the same. It pays out cash to the beneficiary at the time of your death. Usually the payment is within 48 hours so that there is no delay in arranging your funeral.

However, different insurers may have different criteria, especially when it comes to age and price. So it is always a good idea to shop around to find a funeral plan that best suits your needs an budget. You can buy a single person funeral cover if you only want to insure yourself. However, it may be better to look at a policy for retired couples so that your spouse is also covered within the same policy.

Family funeral cover that insures your adult children, their spouse or partner, the grandchildren and includes you may often be the better way to go in terms of premiums. Even if you have passed the retirement age many years ago, there are funeral plans that will cover seniors up to 75 years old.

Always speak to a reputable funeral plan insurer or broker about your specific needs and budget constraints when it comes to a funeral plan for pensioners. Getting the right advice at the outset means that you are less likely to abandon your policy when times are tough.

Funeral plans in South Africa are one of the cheapest insurance products on the market and pensioners and retired seniors can also benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that their funeral will be paid for without digging into your spouse’s savings or your children’s inheritance.